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Why You Should Hire Attorney Barry M. Snyder

Many times, people are penny-wise and dollar foolish when it comes to hiring an attorney. They may think they can handle their problems themselves. But, Attorney Barry M. Snyder cautions that thinking that way could cause even more problems.

- Atty. Snyder is known for his creativity and people personality. He’s often hired and recommended by other attorneys. As the past president of the North Dade Bar Association, he is known for his trustworthiness and credibility. But, Atty. Snyder says that there are even greater reasons to hire an attorney.

Attorneys can be hired not only to maximize the monetary amount in a case, but they can also negotiate down any possible future liens. For example, in one case, Atty. Snyder reduced a $45,000 hospital lien to $22,500. The lay person doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to do that.

Atty. Snyder works with insurance companies all the time, and knows how to deal with them. “Insurance companies have the knowledge, experience and power and you don’t ,”says Snyder. “The lawyer levels the playing field between the powerful and the average person while also increasing the credibility of his/her client.”

In criminal cases, Atty. Barry Snyder is known for his calm, sensible ability to help people avoid the whole arrest process by resolving matters in the beginning. Since an individual doesn’t understand the process or the law, they might increase their chance of arrest. Also, whether it be the police or insurance companies, attorneys know which evidence they need to produce, and an individual doesn’t know what that is. “Other than small claims court, it’s difficult for someone who is not a lawyer to go through this process,” says Atty. Snyder.

“Our practice would not be here over a quarter of a century without our clients’ trust,” says Snyder. “Our client referrals are our best compliment and a real sign of their loyalty. It gives us the ability to help others and that’s why we’re here in the first place.”

Examples of What Barry Snyder Can Do For You

Slip and Fall

A client walked into a department store which was one of a national chain. She slipped, fell and hurt her knee. Atty. Victor M. Gonzalez proved it could have been prevented. A settlement of more than $39,000 was reached. As part of the settlement, any further medical expenses will come out of her health insurance, and not her settlement.

Criminal Defense

When a nursing home worker was wrongfully accused of abusing a patient, Attorney Barry Snyder goes to work even before the case was filed. He had the worker take a lie detector test, which he passed. He also located another witness. There never had to be a trial because there was no case. The employee was spared emotional distress and a criminal record. His livelihood was also saved.

When a client was wrongfully accused of stabbing another man during an argument, Attorney Gonzalez conducted an investigation and convinced the State Attorney’s Office that his client had been wrongfully identified. The client was released from jail and all charges were dropped.

Automobile Accidents

An accident victim came to Atty. Barry Snyder after his Bronco rolled over and his was severely injured. Atty. Snyder quickly got the medical records, put pressure on the hospital to reduce their bill by 50%, got the insurance company to pay full policy limits. Then, Atty. Snyder persuaded the surgeons to reduce their fees. Atty. Snyder reduced his fees as well. Settlement was accomplished in 30 days.

Boating Accidents

A boater hit a half-submerged dock on which a man was fishing. The boater received lacerations to his face.
Atty. Barry Snyder negotiated to get the man’s medical bills paid as well as compensation for permanent disfiguration and suffering.
Atty. Snyder has assisted an attorney as a diving expert in a case where a woman received the bends in the Florida Keys.

Medical Malpractice

A 12-year-old mentally challenged child had torsion of the testicle, was misdiagnosed, and lost his testicle. Atty. Snyder was able to prove the misdiagnosis to the insurance company, and settled the case for the child’s loss, with court approval.

A woman was given what she thought was vaginal salve, but it really was acid and she burned her clitoris. With the help of Atty. Snyder, the doctor admitted the hospital erred, and a settlement was reached with the hospital.

A young woman, 35 years of age and pregnant with colitis, developed an infection due to the fragmented medical care, and an inattentive nurse. Settlement was reached for the husband’s loss of his wife and unborn child.

Our Martindale-Hubbell Rating

Barry M. Snyder, P.A. has earned an AV rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory for our legal capabilities and devotion to professional ethics. Since Martindale-Hubbell bases assessments on surveys of members of the bar and of judges, we take pride in our colleagues recognizing and respecting the quality of our legal work

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